This web site is dedicated to looking, in depth, at issues that matter to the citizens of Scotland and to providing information on the social, economic, financial and political choices which we face. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge the citizenry has, the more powerful we shall be in controlling our destiny, as opposed to being controlled and ultimately, misled, by those who govern us.

Our Parliamentarians and the spin doctors they employ and who follow their lead, have rendered no service to the kind of dialogue and depth of discussion that is required if citizens, who are the foundation of every democracy are to make mature and objective judgments on issues of profound importance to public policy.

2014, showed that the spin merchants could be defeated by the people, when they were empowered by political knowledge. Thousands took to the internet and social media to fact check and drill down to the details of complex issues. Many sources of reliable and in-depth detail emerged from that great exercise in self-education but, there are simply not enough of them. The political class still live in the world of spin and superficiality, through information and self education alone, can they truly be challenged.